Wednesday, May 29, 2013

boob tube

I just heard double-chins were in......

I know, I has been  awhile and yes I feel guilty and yes I wish I would see you all more--I keep promising, and breaking those promises....I will work on it............"I promise."

But truly I want to write more, I need to get my fat ass in gear and work on a book, I think that process will put my healing on a whole other level--a welcomed change.  There is so much to catch you all up on, but alas that will have to wait. I will let you know that I walked an amazing runway show with amazing survivors and had a great (and extremely sweaty) time--chub, quick changes, hot lights and cramming lots of women in an upstairs room with no open windows=dori looking like someone dumped a bucket of water on her head...though totally worth it. My best friend Luke got married to an amazing woman and I felt good enough to attend the rehearsal, do some hair and makeup and the wedding without napping=amazing.  And you should be proud--I have tried on pants AND managed to keep pants on, I am a tricky bitch, but honestly it only takes one time of showing your granny pants to a Target dressing room attendant to remember to look down before you open the fucking door.....

On a health note, we have a few updates. A few weeks ago I had gotten to the point where I was SO exhausted during the day I would be awake only a few hours and then need to sleep (for most of the day) and then head back to bed. My naturopath switched stuff up but I still wasn't feeling right, she told me my thyroid was swollen. I have enormous faith in her--she brought me back from one of the scariest health places I had been since cancer, so I took her information to heart. I had to work a weekend workshop and made it, but went in the next week to have my blood drawn. My primary doc (who I officially think is a jack ass) laughed when I told him my naturopath's concerns and also said he would check my blood for diabetes and I QUOTE "maybe that will scare the fat off you."  If I hadn't been so tired I would have slapped him with the blood pressure cuff.  How fucking dare him, I am sorry dear doctor that the last year was one of the hardest for me mentally and my depression got pretty bad and I slept a lot (worked out........hardly at all) and cried. Yep, my body took the toll, but lets just keep the fat jokes to yourself....the lady at Target saw me half-clothed and all she did was tell me I wasn't wearing pants...she kept the jokes to herself, you should follow suit. But the joke is on him, my labs came back that I have hypothyroidism (which can explain the tiredness and a majority of the ache/pains, and weight gain). I saw a specialist and I am now on meds--we are waiting to get the right dose, but so far, so good. Once again my naturopath was able to point me in the direction of "healthy" God love that woman!

The newest body update starts tomorrow, I check-in for surgery at 10:15am at UW. Scott and I had an intense meeting with my plastic surgeon (who I love) where he tried to convince us both that major surgery was really the way to go and that I should consider that option--which before my infection Scott and I thought was an option. But after discussing we have decided that we aren't ready for a hospital stay, and my poor, poor body needs a fucking break. So we are opting for the least invasive option (less time under anesthesia and I get to go home the same day). I am going to have some fat sucked out of my belly and put into my boob sacks (it is called fat grafting).  I have been working on my pitch to my doc for tomorrow--he needs to understand that the smaller my belly is the bigger my boobs will look.....

Another chapter starts. I am just hoping I remember to keep my pants on.......


  1. Srsly? Your primary doc sounds like an asshat. Thank goodness the other medical professionals in your life are compassionate!

  2. Dori - You are one strong, kick-ass woman! I love how you have been able to find humor in all of this, I probably would have socked that douchebag doctor. I hope that you start feeling better with your new meds and keep making this world a better place. We need more amazing woman like you in this world. Love you!

  3. Wow...This is the first time I have ever read (and commented) on a blog...You are a beautiful, strong and amazing woman!! Best wishes and prayers and all the good juju in the world your way <3

  4. Dori...I met you and Scott at harmony Hill about a year and half ago. I peridically look at your blog but not really a "blog reader" Wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and let you know that somehow you made a diffeerence in my life.Hope that you are still fighting, and doing well. Big hugs.