Sunday, August 28, 2011

"I could do 3 more"

Sometimes I surprise myself.  For instance...........signing up for a 5K just a few days before, asking my sisters and Scott to join Team Lumps and Lipstick (making impromptu t-shirts), and walking--for the first time in my life, a 5K.  It isn't that I didn't think I could walk 3.1 miles, it is that I never would have wanted to.  I would have had to sweat in front of other people and push myself out of a comfort zone that I felt pretty comfy in.  But I did it.  The 5K benefited Northwest Hope and Healing, a Seattle based organization that supports women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer--it just seemed right.  And I can tell you, this was the first of many.  I am shocked how much I enjoyed it! I look forward to being able to jog one, once I am able to start to jog (I have to be cleared by my physical therapist).  A year ago I was laying in bed bloaty and crazy with chemo, today I walked a 5K.

I am hoping that taking this step will help instill something in me that I am strong enough to do this, because sometimes it is hard to remember.

front of our shirts

back of my shirt

Team Lumps and Lipstick
best sisters ever

I was nervous and had to pee a lot before it started

good thing there were tons of honey buckets

I was faking, see the coffee in my right hand...

"this girl"

Greenaway Girls


  1. you are awesome dori! and an inspiration to all!

  2. Dori, love the pictures. You all look so happy. I'm glad you enjoyed the 5K. I used to participate in 5Ks and it is so much fun and feels good, too.

  3. Dori - you look radiant!! Well done indeed.