Tuesday, June 12, 2012

normal is just a setting on the washing machine.

Scott and I pre-op

Well it has been just a little under two weeks since I had my right implant removed and my radiation scar tissue cut and scraped and a new implant put in. I was lucky enough to have my family both pre and post-op. Unfortunately many things that could have gone wrong have.... I woke up in recovery in severe pain, I was crying hysterically and found out that they weren't allowed to give the prescribed pain medication that works for me in recovery, it was only allowed in the operating room. Because I have had to take so many IV pain medications through the course of my treatments I have a high tolerance and it can be a big issue when surgery is in play.  As a result, I was in recovery for 3 hours, strictly to get my pain under control and for me to stop crying....

my pre-op cheer squad!

my post-op fan club!
Once I was under control I went to my room and had my wonderful family waiting. We were all curious to see if my boob would no longer be on my collarbone--success!! My right boob was pleasantly in the correct position, seeing eye-to-eye with the left.  But then, as usual, my body had a mind of its own and my right boob went crazy. I have a severe infection making my boob red hot, rashy, and retaining fluid... I went on antibiotics and upped my pain meds...spending a week literally not able to do anything--stir crazy has nothing on me, I am still house-bound (I think I watched everything on my DVR....and every somewhat interesting looking movie at redbox--I mean I even rented We Bought a Fucking Zoo..........not sure if that is the title?)  everything hurt and it wasn't getting better....my boob kept growing, and fluid began to leak out of my incision.
my swollen boob, you can't really see it, but it was about twice the size of my other boob and BRIGHT red hot
 So off to my plastic doc I went.......again.  Yesterday Scott and I went to see my plastic doc and he agreed that there was way too much fluid for my body to be able to absorb (which is what we were hoping would have happened last week).  So he used a scalpel, inserted a 4 inch long needle with catheter and then before he could attach the huge syringe blood and fluid exploded all over the drape (and my pants) because it was SO full.  It definitely explained why every time I moved I heard a sloshy sound.... 165 cc's of fluid were removed, and my doctor sewed in a drain which last night leaked all over while I was sleeping.  I am also on two new antibiotics--the big guns!

actual syringe used and it is HUGE (like a banana) and it sucked out 165 cc's of fluid
the drain added yesterday, AFTER 165 cc's of fluid was already taken out....lovely

lots of drainage going on here!!! you can see how red by right boob is here, still have the drain in...

So the journey continues....I am still on lots of pain medication and as a result am home bound. I have a drain in and somehow it is poking me from the inside randomly...I think the catheter may be resting near a stitch....it feels like a hot poker so I think it must be pulling on it......not enough pain medication in the world....

I now find myself struggling. The good news is that I made so much progress mentally that this hasn't pushed me over the edge. I have been able to handle the rollercoasters better than I would have a month ago. We always joke that if it could happen, it probably will (at least in terms of my health). My poor body needs a break, it needs time to heal...I think it is angry and fighting me at every corner. Hopefully this will be my last wave and it can become more of a smooth sail from here.  I am looking forward to being able to be social, to be able to be reliable, and to have a routine of health and fitness. And I would like to be off antibiotics because I could really use a drink...


  1. I love you, strong lady. Your body needs to give you a break. Once you are feeling better we will plan a date.

  2. Smart woman, strong woman, loved woman! Sending wishes for smooth sailing! and a sailing quote to keep up the smooth sail theme...
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. William A. Ward

    may your sails be adjusted easily!

  3. Your candor and strength really show here, Dori. Thank you for being so honest. Hopes for a smooth recovery.

  4. When you 'modify' something that God has given you. This is what you get! Pain, Suffering and in the end people think of you as stupid. You'll be never be satisfied with your body now.