Wednesday, August 15, 2012

D is for Dori, not my bra size

saying goodbye to my second set of boobs, that is two too many.

Well tomorrow is the day folks—I will be checking in at UW hospital at 12:15pm to have these implants removed. I am thrilled with my new plastic surgeon and I know that I am in good hands (literally). I have been miserable since the beginning of June when I had my right implant that migrated up to my collar bone removed, the radiation scar tissue scraped and cut out (cringing while thinking of that malpractice) and a new implant placed there. From there I have been on more antibiotics than most people should be in a lifetime and have open sores on my body, my hair is falling out, I am in constant pain and am achy like I have the flu. Not to mention not being my bubbly sunshine and rainbows self. (HA)
me loving my new boobs!

I had a necklace created for me with tomorrows surgery date and “done and done” (a favorite phrase of mine) stamped into it. The necklace was designed and created in front of my eyes by Bonnie of Birth Designs ( It is amazing and perfect and I can’t wait to see what else she will create.

I am fortunate enough to have extreme love and support from friends and family. I have been held up when I thought I was done and without all of you I wouldn’t be who I am today.  One of these people is my wonderful cancer doula Patti Ramos (, who happens to be also be an amazing photographer. Prior to my bilateral mastectomy we took lots of photos of my old boobs and my dearly missed nipples.  I am looking to my surgery tomorrow as a new beginning. I am taking out these infected implants and giving my body a chance to heal. So following tradition we took some photos to say goodbye to these breasts. It was a great experience to take photos and have Scott participate. 
Scott and I in our police lineup

yep, I ran around naked in the studio and Patti covered me with lace

proud and infected

Not only did my real boobs try to kill me, my fake ones are too. So let’s start over shall we? Let’s try this again. I will take all the positive vibes and love you can send my way tomorrow.  Starting tomorrow I will be boobless, but if I could fill those ‘skin sacks’ with hope after surgery tomorrow I would be a DD.


  1. Lots of love coming your way! <3

  2. Good luck today, I'll be thinking of you.

  3. All the best.May you heal quickly.

  4. Uck Dori. Your infected side looks very familiar to me after battling infection for many many months (and finding I was allergic to Vancomycin). I had to have an expander removed and IT WAS TOUGH. I want you to know that after having a reconstruction that healed it takes away a lot of that stress and worry that constant infection and not healing creates. *Bug hugs* I know this is horribly no fun, but I hope that it helps you heal outside so you can focus on the inside.

  5. You have an incredible strength. Your soul is whole even if your physical body is not. Good luck tomorrow.

  6. You are brave, Dori! I hope you got the right surgeon for this operation. Two sets of boobs are indeed many and none of them made you completely happy. The good part is you still managed to see the bright side of things. Keep the positive vibe. You are an inspiration to many. :)

    Terry Bayer