Friday, August 24, 2012

In the raw

I figured this was the best way to show everyone how I am doing.... Straight out of the shower with drains around my neck. This is going to be a long, long road. Not to mention the mind-fuck that happens when I look in the mirror and see this. The pain is its own battle.


  1. Oh Dori, I ache for you every time I see a new picture. I mean that in an empathy way, not a creepy romance novel way, btw. In case you hadn't figured that out. :)

  2. hola Doris, I've read ur blog tonight (can not remember What i Was looking for) The thing is I have read all your blog since 2010 until now. I can't say "I know how u feel" but i can figure it out... Please do not give up, its hard it has been the last couple of years but you both can make it. i'll be following you do not miss your sanity for this stupid cancer. With so much love for you booth from Spain. Lxx