Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 2

Well it has been a full 24+ hours and I am still standing, only mini-breakdowns and a day of work, I feel pretty accomplished. I also felt a HUGE lump on the right side of my neck, a throbbing pain in my ear and soreness above my right shoulder blade. I had a "low grade" fever and was told to see the doctor to rule out infection. At the appointment I was told that my lymph nodes were irritated because of the biopsy. Good news.

Today I have become overwhelmed and in awe of the support and encouragement I have received. In a twisted way I am looking forward to what unfolds for the journey I have started. It began last night with friends, phone calls, emails and love extended across the country, for such an ugly thing this is, it was beautiful.

The beginning of my husbands journey is purchasing a pink shirt to wear at his marathon this Saturday. He was bounded and determined, but couldn't find anything at the expo other than a shirt that says "run girl run"--it is a V-neck and I am sure shows an appropriate amount of chest hair. ha

Tomorrow I am starting the beginning of a photographic journey with my dear and close friend Patti--she is also going to be my cancer doula, something that I have no words to express the amount of gratitude I have for her and our relationship.

I am drained and tired today...don't judge the post...I have lumps after all (humor, it is what sustains me)

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