Thursday, December 2, 2010


So I have went from having a 'stomach' to a 'belly' and from having cheek bones to cheekbones--I look like I am glowing, but it is actually just sweat.  And I have decided that I like it, I may only slightly resemble my old self--but I am killing cancer; I will take that over cheekbones every time!

I saw a pink feather mini christmas tree today and I almost bought it for chemo eve--then I realized I only have 1 more so it would be a waste---ONLY ONE MORE (next Tuesday)!!!!! And since I had an allergic reaction last time, I think my body is ready for it to be the last one just as much as my mind is. 

this was opened on my 5th round of chemo...

In honor of my last date with chemo here is a recap of my first, from one of my first blogs after my 1st round of treatment:

"You know those days in college where you had partied so hard you couldn't remember the day of the week it was when you woke up, where you went, if you actually had fun, and what you did or did not do? Well, welcome to chemo. It took me awhile to rationalize with myself that today is Monday---almost a FULL WEEK since chemo--WHAT?! Where the hell was I? Well I can tell you where I was--in bed, a.s.l.e.e.p. pretty much for a full week. I can't recall how I got up to use the bathroom, take medications or eat, but apparently I did (I must be magic). could have something to do with the water/Gatorade fairies I have because every time I rolled over dying of thirst--there it was. Brilliant little things (hugs to mom and Scott).

My 1st round of chemo (the good old days, hair and all)

So now I am a bit out of the stupor but still so weak it takes a lot for me to sit upright on the couch. My arms feel like they are being held down by weights and my throat constantly burns. I have an acne like rash all over my chest and on my face--so when I look in the mirror I resemble myself in 7th grade (not the best memory). I have mouth sores (around my mouth), thanks to chemo and heart burn so bad that it burns up into my ears. I hope that chemo is ravaging the cancer cells like it is every other part of my body...whew this is going to be a long road (5 more times).

I took a shower today (you should applaud here)and conditioned my hair. HA HA HA--conditioning my hair is like polishing a turd (I am pretty sure that is a saying). I will be losing my hair soon, conditioned or not. I am actually looking forward to it, once I lose it, the night sweats will be much easier to deal with....

Not much as happened in my world in the last week. I just hunkered down and held on. That is my plan for the rest of treatment...go with it. I can't really fight it because chemo wins (every time), but if I embrace the nasty, tongue-in-cheek bitch that it is maybe our friendship will create a miserable balance of health and sanity. Many authors have to go to experience things (trips, step out of their comfort zone) "eat, pray, love" shit before they can write their first book. My experience just landed smack dab in my lap--well technically my boob, but I'll take it just the same.

Usually when life throws me lemons I would exchange them for limes to put in a corona, but this experience is helping me let go.............of a lot. I hold grudges, I have to be right, I don't like to lose, I would prefer to look "good" a majority of the time, I get anxious, I get angry, I sometimes react before I think things through, I want the house cleaned "my" way, I want to be sure everything is just how "I" want, me, me, me. But it was me with I am me with no control over any part of my body, which trickles down into the rest of my the end of the experience I hope to be more lighthearted, less of a control freak and appreciate the small, daily things. #1 being able to get out of bed without having to run to the toilet--but you get the idea.

I have said it before, I don't want to be who I was before, cancer is a life changing experience (and I am embracing it the best I can). I imagine for many it is devastating and their life recuperates in a much different way than I am foreseeing mine. This is a shitty, long detour, but one with scenic routes, loved ones, good meds, amazing people and a lot of self-reflection. So buckle up--you are all in it with me."

Thanks for staying on this crazy-ass ride with me.


  1. Just one more!!! You're almost there! I continue to admire your strength and candor and of course your acerbic with in the face of this battle you fight.

    My best wishes and postive thoughts continue to be with you. <3
    (p.s. this post is under my plu account, so though it says Georgeann, you know me as Gigi).

  2. I remember my last chemo as if it were yesterday (actually about nine years ago). Congrats on reaching this important milestone. Yes, chemo plays tricks on the brain.

    By the way, I love your writing style and content so much, I'm including your blog on my blogroll.

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  4. I know this doesn't make you feel any better but I'm sooooo inspired by you, you're such an amazing person and I really admire your courage and strenth. You're almost done and that is a huge accomplishment, you're in my prayers!

  5. One more to go, YAHOO!!!!! I will be thinking of you on tues. with lots of special, magical, and sprinkles of good cheer. You are on your way to good health and the end of this shit!!! Good luck!!!

  6. I've followed your journey the whole time and think it's great that your last chemo session is coming up! You've put up a great fight!