Friday, December 24, 2010

merry christmas eve

Yep folks, you read that correctly..........Christmas Eve.............not Chemo Eve............that is the best gift EVER.  After my first road trip since treatment I made it home for the holidays.  One of my sisters has a terrible cold and drove over (I am still on pain medication and haven't drove longer than 15 miles in 5 months so I wasn't the 1st choice) but we all made it safe and sound.  So far so good.

I am feeling a bit better each day since my ER visit........another great gift.  I am a huge fan of Christmas, not necessarily the religious part, but the overly commercialized part, lights, trees, food, booze, and family.  I also love to give gifts (all year) so Christmas is Christmas for me.

I am still not sleeping the best, but I am using my sisters laptop and watching holiday movies while the rest of the family sleeps, it works out pretty well.  I wish I was full of holiday wisdom and lots of profound things to say, like I sometimes came up with for Chemo Eve, but I am a bit exhausted, my arm is aching and my stomach is so bloaty I somewhat resemble Santa.  But I am here, having a great time with family, and the only thing I would wish for is Scott to be here too (but someone has to work!).  So my Christmas wish list is almost complete, can't ask for a better holiday.

Sometimes it feels like you are playing tag with life, and life is the little bitchy kid that punches you when they say "tag".......then you turn, watch life fall and scrape its face up on the asphalt............Merry Christmas.

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  1. Hope you had a great day with your family. We often reflect this time of year on our blessings more than any other time. I can only say that each year I know I am blessed more and more with the people around me and the things that I have experienced. Each has given me a renewed look at life and an added appreciation. Dori, you are part of those experiences in my life that has given me renewed prospective of the human spirit and how one person can bring new light to your life. Thanks for sharing and bringing your journey to us and me. We have been enriched!! A truly wonderous gift!