Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chemo Eve Round 4

Wishing I had hair
Round 4 is tomorrow...I feel like I should wear those pink boxing gloves because the fight is definitely getting harder. My counts were just high enough to continue with my chemo schedule which means tomorrow is the day.  This also means that there is a pretty good chance that I will have a transfusion and/or be hospitalized before my 5th round....I am okay with that--I am pro with the hospital/ER now...bring it on.

I called my Grandma Lou today, talk about an angel she is just missing her wings.  She is 90 and the sweetest woman you could ever meet. I think I am doing so well just with her prayers and positive thoughts alone.  My mom lives 1 1/2 miles from her and my Grandpa Charlie so they get the "dori updates" daily and when my mom comes here to take care of me after chemo she calls them daily for the update. I am so thankful to all my family that is so supportive from all over the map--love you all!

I am scared for tomorrow.  Chemo hurt last time, bad.......even though I bounced back earlier than before I was in the most pain and on the verge of wanting to go straight to the ER on a daily basis.  I wish I could leave you with something more inspiring because I don't blog (just tweet) for about a week or so after chemo because I can barely make it to the bathroom and back into bed....creating a sentence would be like brain surgery---but to be honest (I know, I know, something new for me) I am fucking terrified and it is overpowering my ability to be witty and gritty. 

Scott and Luke are both going to be at chemo with me tomorrow, so that makes it better, it is less scary to wake up and know one of your best friends is the room next door and your husband is just as nervous as you are.  They plan on playing monopoly while I come in and out of my chemo daze. 

Well I am off to try and get some beauty sleep, which is silly because I usually don't sleep the night before chemo, but there is a first time for everything.


  1. You will be in my thoughts and prayers especially tomorrow and throughout the week....

  2. I just finished my eighth round of chemo Tues. and I'm getting through my post-chemo week day by day. I hope your fourth round isn't too harsh on your body. How many rounds do you have to get? First visit to your blog, hope you can get back to posting soon and maybe check mine out when your are up to it. www.nancyspoint.com