Saturday, October 23, 2010

hospital stay round 2

Chemo #4
Dear chemo,
Lets be friends.  I am sick of thinking we are all chummy, working together for the greater good and then I pull the knife out of my back.  You know the knife you jab in right when I think things are going to turn up?! So I just finished up chemo #4 (which leaves me with 2 more) and it was a hot mess.  Chemo itself was great, having Scott and Luke there made the time go by much faster.  The next day was a different story.  I was (still am) in pain.  If you recall after my first chemo visit I wasn't given the Neulasta injection--which is why my ANC went so low and I was hospitalized.  After that mix-up I have received the shot the day proceeding my chemotherapy.  So Wednesday I got the shot..........that is when my world went upside down.  I was able to dodge chemo's knife but didn't see the shot coming my way.  I was in pain, and lots of it. I was sitting in the middle of my bed hysterically crying, frantically calling the on-call stating "something was wrong" "I just wanted to be the in the hospital" and alot of other rash frantic sentences.  When Scott saw me he calls the oncologist and we schedule to go in.  I was pumped full of fluids, given some anti-nausea meds, some morphine and some encouragement.

"I love you"
It was decided that I should be admitted to the oncology wing at St. Joes in Tacoma.  My prior hospitalization was at St. Francis (where scott works, so that was convenient) but a ward suited to my particular needs was much more appealing.  We arrived and I have a private room. I once again cried hysterically on my hospital bed in pain with Scott and mom rubbing my back.  My sisters come by to bring encouragement, laughter, love and food.  I got a surprise visit from Luke!  Allison and Josh made the drive down--lots of positive energy.  At least this time I am not in isolation so I get visitors and attention.

Hey cancer, you picked the wrong bitch
The pain is my bone marrow multiplying rapidly to help prevent my counts from dropping.  The pain is almost unbearable.  It feels like my shins are being split with an ax, my hips are being twisted and ripped apart like a turkey leg and I have a terrible case of vertigo.............and I still have to do this 2 more times.  They aren't sure how long the pain will last that I am currently experiencing, we are just treating the symptoms waiting for it to subside.  I just wanted to update everyone---sorry no catchy/witty comments from me, morphine will take that out of you.  Keep the positive energy coming!
Luke & Scott kept busy


  1. Sending all and everything positive your way.You are amazing.

  2. Dori,

    Thinking good thoughts for you. You can do it, you are a strong woman....fuck it who's the boss.

  3. Dori, I just discovered your blog tonight and I cant get over how much strength you and all your caregivers have, it is truly incredible. We are the same age so reading your story really brings the disease home. Best of luck to you, I look forward to reading your future posts. Take care.