Sunday, October 17, 2010

breast friends

Fingers crossed that my platelet count is above 100,000 tomorrow when I get my labs (it was 64,000 last week) so I can keep my chemo schedule the same.  My 4th round is scheduled for Tuesday.  My legs are swollen and my veins are pretty scary--good thing it is getting close to Halloween.  My stomach is getting bigger--Allison was over Friday (and made a home cooked meal!) and I made her touch my belly (yes after some wine)--it is really crazy that the steroids are that "effective". 

Sauce from the spaghetti feed in Okanogan--it made a great dinner!!!

My clothes are becoming uncomfortable so my sister Kerri and I went the maternity section. I got some sweet pants that won't forcefully make a muffin top and won't leave me with huge dents in my belly fat from the button.  I am thinking of making a breast cancer clothes line for women going through chemo with steroids--we need contoured shirts with exchangeable pads that will work with changing implant sizes, etc..., cute & comfy pants and shoes that accommodate swollen feet!  Will do.

I went to the plastic surgeon and had my expanders...expanded.  They still don't really resemble breasts, but they are the closest thing I am going to get for awhile.  It made for a painful start of the day, but I powered through for a cobb salad and a lunch date with Scott.  It is amazing the difference in 'bed side manner' between my oncologist (ass) and my plastic surgeon (best ever).  I may have to look into some plastic surgery so I can continue to see him and his wonderful assistants after this whole cancer thing is behind me.
Kerri & I after our maternity shopping

I am looking forward to getting back in shape after this.  My mom reminded me that when I lose weight I won't lose boob fat.  Any woman reading this knows that when you get into gear and start to work out the first thing to go is your boobs...........mine will just look bigger! Dori=1 Cancer=0

Also when I get cold I don't have to worry about my nipples showing...........even though sometimes when I get cold I look down....forgetting I no longer have them. 

Lab guy: "I love your tattoo, what is your next one going to be?"
Me: "my nipples" (I answer without thinking)
Lab guy: s i l e n c e

Hot flashes are still torturing me and it seems that when I get upset one hits me from out of no where.  And not upset like in a fight or hurt feelings of any kind---I can be watching Private Practice and they talk about Dell dying and wham hot flash.  It is getting ridiculous.   Kerri and I were shopping she just looked at me and said "You are really okay?" 
My favorite purchase of the day!

Yep, I am good.  Fingers crossed for chemo, can't feel them, but they are crossed.


  1. I read your blog and i always think of my best friend Claire who under went a double mastectomy a few years ago she was in her early 30's when she was diagonised sadly after losing her mum 6 months before to the disease. She went on to have radio and chemo and breast re con struction which was painful for her but it was the best thing she did she will tell you. She also went and had nipples tattoed onto them but buy a specialist doctor who was fab it was amazing seeing the difference it has made to her life. this was 6 years ago and thankfully she has never looked back. She had some amazing head scarfs at the time they were well funky. Good luck with everything i think your blog is a real inspiration. Take care. Dee x

  2. Dori, you are a fabulously gorgeous girl and I think you're awesome! I hope I meet you some day...

  3. Dori, your realization about losing weight and not having it come right off the boobs first, cracked me up. Your ability to stay positive throughout this is truly an inspiration!

  4. @Jess--after this whole chemo mess is done we will be doing some fundraising/meet and greet stuff for other women going through breast cancer--or we could go for coffee if you are in the area