Tuesday, October 26, 2010

look mom, new blood!

Mom and I at the oncologist before heading to the hospital
"There is a storm raging outside--I hear the wind howling, the rain pelting the side of our over sized oval window in our oncology room. A whole floor where specialized nurses can work together with a specialized team--I am in their hands now. I am gently woke up for medications, blood draws or more fluids--there haven't been any bright lights flicked on, just gentle voices making sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed. They think Scott is adorable (too much of this and it will go straight to his head) and most importantly I feel secure. Having cancer makes you question everything, down to a certain test or more fluids............and I thought I was wound tight before."---my first night on St. Joes oncology floor

Scott's bed

Home sweet home--I was discharged from St.Joes oncology wing today after my 5 day stay.  When I originally called my oncologist and left a teary, urgent message stating something was wrong and I wanted to go to the hospital I wasn't prepared that I would actually be admitted.  I went to the oncologist and got lots of fluids and morphine and it was decided that I would be better off if I was admitted--so into Tacoma we went where I was able to stay on the oncology wing (St. Joes was such a great experience compared to my last stay at St. Francis).  I wasn't ignored by nurses and I felt like my concerns were taken seriously and the staff was very accommodating to my boisterous family, my constant insomnia and chit-chat.  

Nick, Me, Kristi

The bone pain was incredible.  I am still shocked that my body could be in that amount of pain, I don't think I could have managed that on my own--thanks for all the positive vibes and thank heaven for morphine.  My counts were low, but remained somewhat steady.  I am no longer a blood transfusion virgin.  I received 2 bags of blood while at the hospital.  I had a panic attack when the nurse was trying to draw blood from my port and was having issues--I kept having to move my head a certain way, lay back, breathe deep....the pain and the medication I was on compounded and I began to cry hysterically.  The poor nurse (who I had the others days as well and she was wonderful) was shocked and not sure what to do.  Luckily for me, I had Scott on one side of me and Kerri on the other holding my hands and trying to calm me down........it worked.

My new blood

the CNA wanted me to stay hydrated

Mom was here for part of my stay as well, which was an extra bonus.  When I was hospitalized last time she had already left after taking care of me post chemo--it was nice so she could see how I was doing in person without it being relayed to her--less stress for both of us.

Scott, Me, Luke

I will have my labs drawn and meet with my oncologist on Thursday to see where we are.  Right now I am so bloaty it hurts. My feet, ankles, hands, belly, face, .................everywhere is sore and bloaty. I am left with pain medication, THC pills, and mouth wash.  Because my counts were low and I was not as diligent with my preventative care while in the hospital and I now have mouth sores again!   Still waiting to catch a break.

Josh, Me, Allison


  1. Thinking about you lots kiddo, Lots of good vibes your way!

  2. Boy! I am a 'virgin' visitor to your site. I applaud you Dori for your courage.
    Stay strong!

  3. Dori,
    You say you are bloated all over, I just have to say you look fabulous anyway!! I love the smiles in the photos and of course all those that love and support you. You are brave, loved, courageous, and spunkie. You keep up that fight!! Lots of love going your way!