Saturday, July 24, 2010

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Well at least I have the skin thing going for me............ Today has been good. I had a few major accomplishments. I sang in the car, not too loud, but I felt a bit like me. Also I changed my underwear! If you haven't had surgery then there is no mocking of me allowed. Underwear changing is difficult, in the past it has been panty liners, massive amounts of powder and some perfume. Too daunting for me, alone, to change my underwear. Scott went on a much needed break so it is me and my mom and my sister. But I am stubborn as hell. Scott helps me, you all read his naked rendezvous, but in his absence I am making myself do it! So I changed my underwear, and am very proud of myself. I also put my hair in a pony tale--also very hard.

The motion of putting my hands down (underwear) and up (ponytail) is very difficult. I can do it and in fact I am doing it but I think they should invent ribbons for occasions like this. In fact, I may create them (copyright in progress...) as a package, you buy them in a group after someone has a bilateral mastectomy--funny milestones--love it!!!!


  1. Oh Dori! You really should create the milestone ribbons...they'd probably sell like crazy! Praying for the day you'd have to shut down the business because nobody's buyin'!

    Love to you!