Wednesday, July 7, 2010

crazy sexy cancer

I spent the evening with some of the inspiring women I am lucky to call friends (and all of them are amazing doulas or self-proclaimed "birth junkies"), I shared a bit of what is going on with me and left with the amazing feeling I always get--comfort, joy and a full sensation of love that is like the best pie in the world...

My last post was a bit bleak, but lets be honest here, none of you are reading to get the rosy-glow of what cancer does to someone. You are reading because you love me, because you know me, because you know someone who knows me, because you know someone who has cancer, because you have breasts, because you are thankful it wasn't you, or your mother, or your sister--or because it is you, your mother, or your sister. You are reading because you want to sort through all of the bullshit, you want to help but don't know what to do. You want to know I am not falling to pieces and that I am not my breast cancer. But I am a straight-shooter, I cut through bullshit and won't be feeling optimistic all the time, we are multidimensional and cancer throws a wrench in the whole damn thing.

I had a bone scan, they found a spot. Breast cancer likes to spread to the bone and the lungs and some other internal organs I can't remember. I will have an MRI on my femur to gather more information. Nothing changes really, if it is cancer........I will still have chemo and then possibly radiation on that spot on my leg. I met my surgeon today, my other surgeon is on vacation--wouldn't that be nice. I like my surgeon, I am waiting to hear from the office tomorrow to schedule surgery--about damn time.

Tonight I danced in the shower, A LOT. I danced for all the tears that I have cried in the shower, for the joy I was feeling, for my breast full of cancer and that I am a day closer to getting it removed, I danced to remind myself I can, mostly, I danced so I wouldn't cry... I wish I could tell you that things were getting better, that I was so positive in my thinking that I could heal myself with my mind. What I really feel like doing is lining up a bunch of melons and hitting them with a hammer, not sure what it would accomplish but I sense I would gather some sort of satisfaction........I will keep you posted if this comes into fruition.

Thank you to those who shared with me tonight, to those who are thinking about me now, and those who keep me filled with positive thoughts from miles away. I am not the woman who keeps her mouth shut, I never have been the quiet type, but in person cancer is a scary cloud over conversations and it brings tears along with gratitude to the well-wishing of others, so I stumble over my words...

Tonight I watched the trailer for Crazy Sexy Cancer--a woman I inspire to be, I am in awe and in solitude and as the heavy feeling of anxiety and the unknown washes over me while I lay down to sleep I hope that a bit of her will rub off on me... I am learning to be brave in my beautiful mistakes.


  1. Thank you, Dori, for sharing your story. I can't believe how brave you are.

    I was the short, awkward girl who came up to you at the end of the meeting. I hate being a blog stalker. Seems creepy. So here I am, un-stalking. And truly, my thoughts are with you and your loved ones as you face this battle.

  2. I am reading because I love you. I want to help but don't know how...also, I would like to beat the shit out of something when I think about how I cannot physically be there for you. Guess I feel kind of special that your last Vacation was spent with me but if I knew then what I know now...let's just say I would have squeezed you tight and never let you go. I love you with all my lil' samoan heart and I'm coming to see you when you are ready for me.

  3. Dori, I've been reading the blog and thinking of you a lot lately. Thank you for sharing. You are inspiring, brave, and an ass kicker. Miss ya.

  4. I would be happy to buy you as many melons as you would like. And i have a really fun hammer.

  5. Dori, never be the woman who keeps her mouth shut..and go for it with the hammer and melons!!! Stay strong and know we are thinking of you everyday...Love Les