Friday, July 30, 2010

Chemo Sucks--Parties Don't

My first wig!!!!

I was scheduled to start chemo August 12th, but it has now changed to August 17th. That way I will be able to have chemo on one of Scott's days off, a Tuesday. I will have chemo every 3 weeks for 6 months. It's the shits. With chemo comes lots of side effects, future concerns, and nightmares. So before it starts we are having a party! It is short notice because we just received my chemo schedule. Come for a bit, or stay all afternoon and into the evening--or have a late night. Snacks and food will be provided.


The party is Saturday, August 7th at Scott and I's house. Come anywhere from 3:30pm until later, we will probably be going until midnight or drop by anytime after 3:30pm.

Please bring drinks (alcohol) of your choice if you want to drink, a snack to share, and a cancer comfy for Dori: wig, scarf, hat, pjs, food, Kick Cancer's Ass things, gift cards, or whatever you would want if you were in her situation, or that you think she needs.

If you want to avoid sitting on the grass outside, you might want to pack along a folding chair.

There will be people of all ages, wear a wig if you want, swing by for just a hug,a beer, a glass of wine, a challenge of beer pong--or a late night!

Enjoy pink colored drinks and a breast cancer sucks theme. Dori likes to throw parties!!!!!!!!

Shoot me an email at if you need our address, it will begin around 3:30pm and go until the early morning. So swing by whenever and stay as long as you would like. I am also hoping to go to Okanogan prior to starting chemo to hugs friends and family on the east side.

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  1. Truly, your wig is beautiful!

    Enjoy your party - you deserve lots of fun!