Thursday, August 26, 2010

from 1100 to 325...

I woke up this morning with watery eyes, a very stuffy nose and congestion in my chest. I called the oncologist and went on with my morning of laying in bed watching Lost on netflix on demand. My chest began to get tighter and it became harder to breathe. I called oncology again and was instructed to head to the ER. Where I am currently, but am soon to be admitted to the hospital in isolation. I had a chest CT and X-rays--there seems to be nothing in my chest (great sign!). But my ANC count has dropped from 1100 to 325...........not good at all. Anything under 500 is very scary territory for infection and other complications with chemo and just surviving daily germs. As a result I am going to be admitted to the hospital, put on broad spectrum antibiotics and probably remain in isolation. I am feeling surprisingly okay, just a little anxious. The good thing is that I don't have a temperature or any obvious signs of infection currently, thank goodness. I am in good hands, at the hospital where Scott works, and he is here with me.

I will take any positive thoughts you all send my way!


  1. okay! come on germs, STAY AWAY! hoping those counts turn around soon!


  2. Lots of ultra clean anti-bacterial vibes and thoughts coming too you!!!!