Thursday, August 19, 2010

chemo is no piece of cake, pie...well anything good really

One treatment down (hopefully just 5 more to go). It is crazy how three bags of "fluid" over the length of a day can mess you up. Chemo day itself wasn't that bad. I had mom and Scott with me and an incredible nurse. Oncology nurses are a breed of their own, thank goodness for them! We checked in at 8am and was given a tutorial and asked a bunch of questions. All 3 of us then got to order breakfast while waiting for my pre-meds. My port was accessed for the first time (not a pleasant experience) but it was just one poke--I can deal with that. Then we all three ordered lunches and my chemo meds came. Each bag has to be put in for a certain amount of time, which ends up taking all day (8-4:30). When the needle was taken out of my port that was also pretty uncomfortable (a weird suction feeling) but I was then done for the day. When the last bag went in I could feel myself getting tired...........and that hasn't left yet.

Luckily for me the nausea hasn't been that bad (they gave me the "big guns") because I am always sick to my stomach....but talking about hitting the "chemo wall" I am there and bounced back about 40 feet. It hurts to type, I am awake about 20 minutes at a time and my brain isn't functioning how it normally I am sure this post is much less interesting than my others...

But I have one treatment behind me, small victories feel just fine.

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