Wednesday, August 25, 2010

magic mouthwash

At my oncology appointment we were discussing that my counts were low and Rose (my wonderful oncology nurse) said that she wasn't too worried because I received a shot the day after chemo that helps boost my white blood cells (kicks them into overdrive, if you will). BUT I DID NOT GET THE SHOT. Yep, that is right, no fucking shot. While I was receiving chemo everything was sort of crazy and orders were being placed, doctors called, and it was a lot of hub-bub. I remembered something from my chemo teach about getting a shot but I was reassured (over and over) that I was getting everything that I needed. Now I come to find out that they were supposed to have scheduled me to come back the day after chemo to get this shot.............fuck.

So this leaves me with an Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC)of 1100 as of yesterday. Normally that would be fine because my white blood cells would begin to increase with the help of this shot. But now mine are likely to head down from here--which leads into scary territory: infection/hospitalization territory...... Neutropenia is a count at or below 1000....

Shit, shit, shit. I thought I was going to be going on the uphill, but instead I am holding onto a small rope trying not to fall too far downhill. I will have my counts done again on Friday and then see Rose on Monday. There is a concern that I will spike a fever...which means the hospital. At least with the next round this won't be as much of a concern (because I will get the shot).

On top of my counts remaining low I have mucositis. This is the cause of my bleeding tongue, the sores in and around my mouth, and my ears feeling like they are on fire. Also why some things taste weird (I can barely stand ginger ale and water takes like metal). At this point it isn't an infection, but it is a double-whammy because with my counts low and getting lower it can lead to an infection and can't clear up because I don't have any white blood cells to fight infection(in my mouth and esophagus). So I was given a prescription for "magic mouthwash" a mixture of lidocaine, benadryl and some other things that make it tolerable to eat and drink.

Enough medical gumbo for the day, I am exhausted. My pain medication, magic mouthwash are I are off to bed.


  1. Dori, Ugh, what a curve ball! I am sorry! I continue to hold a healthy, strong and powerful Dori in the near future, full of life and missing all traces of cancer! Hang on! I see it!

  2. Wow....
    How could they have missed that? You are a good woman for not wanting to watch heads roll for that one. :)
    Just get through this week D.

  3. hello Dori. I was super fortunate to have known you at Western. you were quite amazing, inspiring, and beautiful then. you are even more amazing, inspiring, and beautiful now. i've been following your journey since the beginning of july. it has impacted me every day since. you are more than in my thoughts. i share your story with many of the strong brave women i know and we want you to know that we are all sending positive energy and prayers your way.