Friday, August 27, 2010

home sweet home

My count is down to 200 so it looks like I will be calling the Franciscan Health System home for awhile--well at least through the weekend. Last night was rough. I ended up finally falling asleep around 6am or so, just to be woken up by a lab guy that wasn't even supposed to take my blood--welcome to hospital living. I saw oncology this morning and they are going to be giving me 5 consecutive (days) injections to help bring my counts up so the length of my stay at this lovely establishment is undetermined at this point.

Also the food sucks. I am on a neutropenic diet, which itself isn't bad (just nothing fresh because of bacteria) but I am also on a bland diet so I don't upset my stomach. So breakfast was bland, lunch will be bland, and guessed it, bland. Thank god I ate those fucking cheetos yesterday or I would beat the chemo to it and pull my hair out. Which, if you are curious is still here, and my leg hair is too (a bit much for Scott but he is rolling with it).

There isn't much to do here either, hospital and fun usually aren't on the same page--throw in isolation and there isn't a chance in hell. I am hoping some pain medication for my throat (which still is very, very sore and won't until my counts go up) will liven up the party. I have a window with a view of the top of another building and some trees, a tv and internet access--so at least I can continue my Lost watching on netflix online.

I just realized that my call button is still rogue and will probably annoy day shift just as much as I did night shift--hopefully no one will spit in my bland, bland oatmeal and rice.

Not my ideal weekend but a low count beats the hell out of a blood clot.


  1. Love you! You are my heroine, Dori. You have your sense of humor intact and a non-defeatist attitude. <3

  2. You are so inspiring!!! I teach in Okanogan (starting my 7th year there), and I have heard much about you and your family, and what a positive group of people you all are!!! I am glad I found your blog :) I will faithfully read your blog and twitter updates! Thank you for sharing these moments with us all!! I will daily send out healthy and happy thoughts into our universe for you!!!

  3. leg hair always produces such a nice soap lather =)