Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 years ago there was a wedding...

September 15th is our 3rd wedding anniversary! I have added a few snapshots from our wedding.

I am still pretty sick, but my counts were okay today which is great news. I will be getting them checked again on Friday to be sure they maintain. I was given more pain meds for my throat and some other numbing solution stuff to use--magic mouthwash isn't so magic anymore. Other than my appointment, I spent a majority of my day going from the bed to the bathroom. More miserable is that I could never stay in bed enough to fall asleep before heading to the bathroom again. This pattern is ruthless....tonight I am hoping a mixture of pure exhaustion and pain meds well grant me some sleep.

September is a big month for me. Tomorrow (15th) is my three year wedding anniversary. In our vows I swore to Scott that "I would be his bra in life, lifting and supporting him, providing comfort...." At least I swore I would just be a bra, if I had promised breasts we may have a problem. Every time I think of our wedding I smile......I had a great time! We were engaged plenty long enough to have things come together pretty smoothly. The amount of "challenges" we have endured in our relationship seem unreal at my age. We grieved the loss of my dad, my family dog, planned a wedding, bought a house, my Master's degree, me being constantly sick and in and out of the ER, my gall bladder removed, and now cancer.

As I have mention before Scott is my rock. I am sarcasm, grit, and loud--Scott keeps me together......or at least somewhere close to center. We agree that he is the nice one-I wasn't even a qualifier. How do you express the insurmountable gratitude I have for him? Hallmark doesn't make "thank you for not freaking out and taking care of me with no breasts, empty my blood drains, while I am bald, fat, sweaty, with mouth sores and diarrhea." I don't think it would be a top seller, but it would come in handy. He sacrifices daily because he has to, I can't keep up my end of chores--our system we had in place is failing because I can't hold up my end. He manages to do the work of 2 (I have luckily let go a little with my rigid cleanliness standards in this regard) and then takes care of me, attends my appointments, and keeps me company when I am in bed all day and just can't get out--he sits, even though I know it makes him feel lazy.

So as I continue to become more of a hot mess, Scott continues to impress me with his patience and love. If I could only get him to remember to clean the bathroom mirror he may be damn near perfect.

September also holds my 27th birthday on the 22nd. September is also the first month that I will have 2 chemo treatments.......last Tuesday and again on the 28th. Looks like chemo better take a back seat to celebration, or at least relinquish the wheel.

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