Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mike Meyerdirk Photography: Dori Fights Like a WOMAN

Mike Meyerdirk Photography: Dori Fights Like a WOMAN: "Hello faithful blog fans,  I am taking this opportunity to introduce the 'other' brain behind Mike Meyerdirk Photography.  I am his busi..."


  1. click on the link and see some of my head shaving pics!

  2. Hey Dori! I saw your beautiful collection of head shaving photos. I couldn't help but notice your large collection of earrings and I wanted to send you some of the earrings from www.BadHairDayGoods.com. But I have no idea where to send them. Could I get an address? Please. And again, thank you for sharing your story. You are an amazingly strong woman!

  3. What great photos! I love how you had a Buzz party, sounds perfect! I hope that this round of chemo doesn't kick you in the ass and you can have some good days ahead! Sending prayers from Bar Harbor, ME!