Saturday, September 4, 2010

hair today, gone tomorrow

The chest pains I had yesterday intensified last night and I ended up going to the ER. My blood work came back looking likely for a clot (apparently there is a blood test they can run and mine came back high) so we did a CT and waited. I was given pain and nausea medication (like vitamins to me at this point--needed on a daily basis) and the CT came back clear!!! So it was a quick and effective visit--I had great nurses and Scott and Kristi to keep me company. We weren't there very long but we took a few pictures:

Scott & I

Wahooo....1st time!!!!

Kristi was there with us.......#2 time in the ER

Done and done. Today began with a "buzz brunch" which, if you are curious, includes drinking mimosas, eating bagels/cream cheese and fruit...........and shaving someones head. And damn it......I drew the short straw! (We have pictures coming of the actual shaving)

So my hair is gone..........gone. I have a little bit (a buzz cut) but even it is falling out in portions so soon I will be a cue ball.......I am actually looking forward to that because this "short" hair thing feels weird. But mission accomplished, I look like a cancer patient. (read that again) Yep, I said LOOK........not FEEL. I may look like I have cancer, the bags under my eyes and the lack of hair, but I don't feel like one. I actually feel better...the anticipation is gone and now I get to wear all the scarves and hats people have given to me---I am really excited. And when I am sweaty and tired and exhausted from chemo showers will be a piece of cake--I have already given my shampoo and conditioner to Kristi and Kerri.

I thought there would be tears. Just laughs and champagne! I wouldn't have had it any other way, the one thing missing was my mom....but she is coming soon to nurse me back to health after my next round of chemo and we recorded everything (I will put a video together at some point and put on the blog). So here is what you have been waiting for, a few photos:

Luke came to visit! (Yes ladies, he is single)

Hair.........I don't need no stinkin' hair!


  1. Beautiful with hair, beautiful without! strong and powerful on the road to health! That is what I see when I look at pictures of you!

  2. It's 6am in the morning. I woke up started , couldn't sleep. cruising the net and came across your blog. I was in your place last summer. Balder than a billiard ball! I lost my hair during the 2nd course of chemo. I decided I would shave my head when I began to resemble Benjamin Button.. Funny I didn't cry about my hair either I laughed about it more I think going back. One day I was walking down the street it was quite windy. A chunk of hair blew off my head!! I had very long hair at the time. No matter you look beautiful without hair. I will definitely be following your blog......Take good care Alli XXOO

  3. Dori, you are just a couple days ahead of me in this journey. My hair started coming out a couple days ago and I will probably get the buzz cut within a week. It's already making a mess, even with my newer short haircut. It helps so much to read your blog and know I'm not the only one. I don't FEEL like a cancer patient, either. Losing the hair, though, signals to the world that I'm "sick." Keep on, keepin on. You're doing great!

  4. DORI...YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL BALD!!! Seriously, absolutely gorgeous. Lindsay and I agree you will actually come to really like it. So care free and striking :0)

  5. Girl, you are ROCKIN' the Sinead O'Connor look! You look so badass!

  6. "Sinead O' Rebellion!!! Shock me, shock me shock me with that deviant behavior!!!!" ;) (Empire Records quote... )

    You wear the buzz cut well, girl! <3 I'm glad your clot free, and had some fun with the shaving ritual. Stay strong girl!

  7. You are one gorgeous lady! I love you and your spirit Dori June!

  8. Wow! It totally works for you! You know how some people have some sort of funny shape going on with their skull and should never go bald? Not you! It looks awesome. :D And you look so happy.

  9. love your final "tigress" look...and love that you actually put it up on your blog.

    Had such a great day with you yesterday, and look forward to dining with you on Tuesday...I hear the food on Chemo-days are GOOD! :)

    Love you tons and tons.

  10. Dori, You are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wow what a great bald head!!! You are just as beautiful inside as out, you go girl!!!!