Friday, September 10, 2010

chemo brain

1 of my 3 bags of chemo solution

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who is sending me positive thoughts and lots of love. I am somewhat more alert than after my last treatment which is good news! I am taking my temperature on a set schedule with my meds. So far no fever, or too much bone pain, my tastebuds are gone and things taste funny. My chemo brain is in tired....


  1. Dori is a bit tired today (I'm surprised that her blog post is so coherent), but she's up, out of bed and sitting on the couch watching some TV. Scott's home from work, so it's a family affair tonight with Mom, Scott, Dori and I all in the living room. :) Yay for the good times.

    PS: miss you KrisJo, sorry you had to leave the "Family Affair" tonight.

  2. Dori, you are my hero! Oops, to be politically correct, I better say HEROINE.