Monday, September 6, 2010

My 2nd Chemo Eve

Tomorrow is round 2 of chemo. I wish there was some sort of celebratory dinner or ritual that would make tonight easier. Scott gets a little of a break, he gets to drink.........not that he is a big boozer but I am sure it takes the edge off. I have pills, specifically for nights like tonight, but my body fights them, specifically on nights like tonight.

But I danced my ever growing ass off in the shower. It makes it easier not having hair--it adds at least 7 more minutes to dancing....not having to shampoo and condition. I danced until my fingers were pruney and the hot water was gone. This ritual I enjoy...and am thankful I had the energy to do it. In the shower I still find solitude. I find the old me.

This post is short and sweet....I am tired and writing about tomorrow just increases the anticipation...which inevitably aides in my body fighting the pills I took to sleep.

Tomorrow is a long day, tomorrow I fight cancer.


  1. Lighting a candle for you today, Dori. Give yourself permission to rest and let the meds fight for you. Take a break and just breath.

  2. Dori- I've never actually met you, but I went to high school with Scott and saw the link to your blog on facebook. What an inspiration you are! I had no idea what you guys were up against, but I honestly hope and pray that your blog reaches the masses. Everybody needs someone like you to inspire them. You are truly amazing!
    ~Taci VanLeuven

  3. Dori - we've not met but I'm your mother in law's cousin (I used to sit Scott and his brothers when they were babies!). I've been reading your blog for a while and wanted to introduce myself and say that you are inspiring. Keep up the fight and stay strong!

    -Jennifer Bates