Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chemo Round 2

Chemo Round 2 (7 hour day)

Kerri & Scott (my support team........who may just come for the meals)

Well I survived Round 2 of chemo! I am pretty tired and it takes awhile for me to form sentences. I was able to shower took me almost 5 days after my last chemo to get to that point. Yesterday I went in and got my white blood cell booster shot (so hopefully we avoid another 5 day stay in the hospital). Chemo went well and my nurse was splendid. It was still a hot mess regarding who should have given me the shot last time, etc.... Also my platelets are low so it looks like I will need to get blood in the near future. My next appointment is my one week follow-up next Tuesday with my oncologist. Any changes that I notice I am off to the hospital. I had a rock hard lymph node on the right side of my neck and took a Z-pack of antibiotics but my counts were still a little off--my doc okayed me for chemo but my numbers weren't where they would like them to be. Overall this tired, weak, nauseated feeling I have is my reassurance that my body is kicking cancer's ass!


  1. I like what I see in your face, Dori :0)

  2. Dori! You look so lovely and spirited in this picture! Also, Josh says he wishes he were a lawyer so that he could "take care of" the hospital's slip-up from your first round. :) Love you!